Dusty is able to do what most major insurance agents can’t. Shop around! You go to the other guys they are only giving you 1 quote. When you go with Alliance you know you’re truly getting the best deal! Don’t get wrecked by the competition!
Josh K. Customer since 2010

Alliance Insurance Group has always been available when I have questions and makes sure they get your answers promptly! They are super friendly and make sure you are taken care of! I would highly recommend Alliance Insurance Group for all your insurance needs!
Sami E. Customer Since 2014

Great place to get some honest, professional and experienced help with picking the best affordable insurance.
Stephanie H. Customer since 2017

Awesome people with great, personal service! Alliance Insurance Group offered the most competitive rates for my families needs.
Nicole D. Customer since 2017

Amazing customer service!!! Dusty and Nicki are always there for you whenever needed. They know their stuff and are willing to above and beyond to help out! Not to mention they have the best prices around!
Dodi P. Customer since 2014

Nicki and Dusty are great! If I've got questions or need a change, Nicki handles it quickly. She will fix what we need via Facebook and saves me the trip in! So convenient!
Lindsay E. Customer since 2014

Alliance Insurance Group has been excellent to work with! They make sure to find us the best rates and best coverage for our family. They are easy to talk to, explain everything thoroughly, and respond promptly. We love that they are able to compare numerous companies in search for the most affordable option. We are confident that our property is insured properly and we have service we can count on. We are so glad we chose them as our insurance company!
Anitra S. Customer since 2012

Dusty and Nicki are very responsive, easy to work with, and always look at getting us the best rates possible.
Scott K. Customer since 2013

Helpful, personable, and easy to work it. Thank you for all your help!
Dustin F., customer since 2016

You and Nicki do a awesome job!
Marlene C., customer since 2013

Nicki is always extremely helpful to us!
Ronald L., customer since 2016

Dusty Summers and his staff are professional, courteous, and hardworking. They have always worked hard to find the best coverage at the best price, and are always available to answer all questions.
Scott L., customer since 2016

Alliance insurance has great rates and excellent customer service. I reccomend them to all my clients and friends.
Lonnie B., customer since 2013

Price was competitive. Customer service was solid.
Gary W., customer since 2015

You all are always friendly and very helpful
Tisheyea W., customer since 2015

I found you and your staff to be very polite and kind, you treated me like I was not just a customer but a friend. You and your staff worked to find the best insurance for my budget. I just want to say Thanks Dusty, you and your staff Rock
Mary D., customer since 2015

always answered questions fast got me the best insurance for my money
Donna R., customer since 2014

You guys are really great people. Love what you for your customers. Amazing customer service skills!!
Customer since 2014

Nicki is always ready and willing to help.
Patricia P., customer since 2014

Niki Reyna, the representative we worked with at Alliance went above and beyond for us. She was extremely friendly, made sure all of our questions were answered and showed empathy and understanding for our home buying experience and made sure that the process of getting our insurance set up was quick and easy. We also received some of the best quotes for prices from Alliance. Would definitely recommend again.
Winsor C., customer since 2016

Always able to contact even though it isn't business hours. That shows dedication
Corbin P., customer since 2015

Very professional and friendly staff.
Blair B., customer since 2013

prompt friendly
Customer since 2016

Nicki is always very pleasant and helpful!
Customer since 2016

Dusty &  Nicole went out of there way to take care of me and my family's insurance needs when I first met with them and continue to do so. They are professional, prompt, and very kind. I would, and do, recommend them to anyone with insurance needs.
Customer since 2016

Personal & Friendly! Love Alliance Insurance!
Courtney H., customer since 2014

Nicki is the best CSR out there. She offers the best service to your customers.
Customer since 2013

Nicki has always provided us with excellent service.
Customer since 2014

The office is welcoming. Dusty and Nicki are both very helpful in answering questions I have.
Nancy S., customer since 2015

Dusty and Nikki always do a great job! Whether it be adding coverage or making a change, they are prompt and make sure things are done correctly. Most recently, Dusty worked with us on securing insurance on our new home. In the process, Dusty improved our homeowner's coverage at minimal increase in expense. Instead of just assuming we would me okay with the improvement in coverage at the small cost, he called to explain the differences. Just one example of how they go above and beyond. I have and will continue to recommend Alliance Insurance Group to others for their insurance needs.
Nick L., customer since 2013

Maintained home insurance with escrow requiring no assistance from myself.
Aminda K., customer since 2013

Love the personal attention. Nicki is absolutely the BEST at finding the best deal for us and making sure that we get the best coverage as well. Dusty is awesome to work with and is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend this office!!
Customer since 2013

No matter the problem or situation Alliance Insurance Group-Dusty Summers Agency is always there to get things resolved! They have your best interest in mind in everything they do! Great group to deal with!
Tim M., customer since 2013

Dusty and Nicki at Alliance Insurance are always right on top of anything we need. We were surprised when they called to switch us to a new company because it was going to save us money. All they care about is taking care of the client. We will be life long clients!!! We highly recommend getting quotes from them, we never knew we were paying so much more before we came to them.
Customer since 2013

I've always felt like I have gotten the very best rates on my insurance and I know that I have saved lots of money. I have always been happy with the customer service and being able to ask questions knowing that if they don't know the answer they will find it.
Linda G., customer since 2013

Fast, friendly service with all of our insurance questions!
Customer since 2015

Very friendly and easy to work with. Nicki is GREAT and makes things so easy.
Lori M., customer since 2015

Received an unexpected phone call from their office. They were going to avoid the cost of a rate increase to me by finding another good policy. Dusty and his team keep finding better value so I don't have to! Nice to know they're continuing to work on giving me the best value!
Matt M., customer since 2015

Best Rates around! Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I am saving money. Nicki and Dusty are very knowledgeable and courteous.
Customer since 2013

You guys always give me the best price out there on insurance compared to all the other agencies.
Customer since 2015

You guys are always helpful with any questions I may have.. I love the friendly atmosphere. I am also treated like I matter.
Tisheyea W., customer since 2015

always willing to look for best rate have always had the most pleasant staff
Donna R., customer since 2014

Dusty Summers Agency is top notch in every way possible! Dusty or Nicki are available close to 24hrs a day 7 days a week and do so with a smile! They do all they can to ensure I am getting the best rate possible and if I ever have any issues they don't hesitate to take care of them! It is great knowing you can count on them especially when it comes to something as important as insurance!
Tim M., customer since 2013

Great rates and better service. I highly recommend to check out Dusty Summers Agency when getting a new quote.
Lonnie B., customer since 2013

Your rates and staff are phenomenal!!!!Nicki does wonders helping me get the best coverage for all my vehicles and home! She always has a smile and good words to say. and the fact that i can communicate so many ways, phone, in person, e-mail and social media. Its nothing to snap a pic of a title and tell her what i want. Great place to GET IT DONE !!!!
Andre L., customer since 2013

If I have a question it gets answered quickly.
Customer since 2013